Attracting male talent with L'Oréal

Attracting male talent with L'Oréal

Attracting male talent with L'Oréal

Attracting male talent with L'Oréal


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L’Oréal faces no problems with their brand awareness – but they struggle to attract male talent and to break misconceptions of them as a brand.

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L’Oréal celebrates “team performance and interconnection, empowering individuals to test, learn and innovate together”. L’Oréal’s mission is to ensure that they’re attracting a diverse pool of early talent, made up of both female and male talent, that feed into the company’s culture of interconnection and innovation. 

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Our 200+ ambassadors promoted L’Oréal’s graduate and undergraduate opportunities to their extensive student networks, both on campus and online. By harnessing the power of peer-to-peer promotion, our ambassadors referred students to undergrad and graduate roles, and kept them warm during the application process to ensure that quality talent was reaching and remaining with L’Oréal.

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L’Oréal partnered with Wiser Academy for the 2022/23 academic year to reach students from diverse backgrounds, with a focus on attracting male talent.

We created a strategy for the academic year that centred around breaking misconceptions about L’Oréal as a traditionally female-focused beauty brand and reaching male students using our ambassadors. 

Our diverse cohort of brand ambassadors promoted L’Oréal to their network of students - bringing in diverse talent as a result. We created a suite of social content, using male imagery, to help more male students resonate with L’Oréal. We also tasked our ambassadors to headhunt male students and promote L’Oréall to male-heavy societies. 

To challenge misconceptions about L’Oréal’s brand as female-focused, we hosted a webinar on  breaking barriers into their global brand. The webinar spotlighted male talent at L’Oréal and reached a wide demographic of students. We also utilised our own social channels, in which 4 out of every 10 of our audience is male - reaching just 40k impressions, this was a great driver of bringing in quality male talent. 

We finished the campaign with 541 referrals and 32 hires. 25.5% of all referrals were male, converting to 43.7% of offers, demonstrating the success of the campaign in bringing in top male talent into L’Oréal.

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