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We change the way people think about work

By combining Employer Branding and Early Talent under one roof, we help companies hire and retain incredible people.

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Wiser is an award-winning Employer Branding and Early Talent agency.

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Having creative and talent in-house means clients have a single partnership with Wiser, rather than working with lots of different agencies to build their brand and talent strategy. By transforming employer brands and changing cultures from the ground up through early talent, we truly change the way people think about work.

We created a culture, not a company

When our founders started work, the culture they were looking for didn't exist in the companies they joined. They soon realised that many people didn't feel connected to their work either, and wondered if that could change. What if there was more to work than small talk by the water cooler? What if you could find purpose within work, not just outside of it?

We created Wiser to build a culture for people who want to love their job. A place that, through brand and talent, helps other companies to change the way their people think about work.

Why we do it
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Step into

our home

The Wiser culture was built around exceptional people who expect more, so we designed a space that ignores the ordinary for our Purple People to call home. Our Farringdon HQ is where our purpose comes to life. So if you want to have a meeting in a VW campervan, or you’re up to the task of finding our secret Log Cabin, our door is always open.