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We have been working closely with Kraft Heinz for over five years and, as one of Wiser’s first ever employer branding clients, we have been with them on their full journey from launching an EVP to bringing their employer brand to life.

We have also worked with them across their employer branding social channels, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, over the last two years and, with the evolution of video-first social platforms, saw a great opportunity to target early talent in the place where Gen Z can be found - TikTok.

And that leads us to March 2023, when we launched @HereAtKraftHeinz on TikTok alongside a brand new social strategy foundation tailored to attracting Gen Z audiences.

Bringing Early Talent to the table

A key hiring focus for Kraft Heinz is their apprentice and graduate opportunities, but Senior talent is their strongest demographic on LinkedIn, and the big bulk of their Instagram demographic is 25-34. This left a gap for targeting Early talent, so we set out a refreshed strategy to target Gen Z and bring them to the Kraft Heinz table. 

Image of young Gen-Z man working in the Kraft Heinz offices

Time for a clean slate

#09AFDCKraft Heinz Miami Blue

A Social Strategy Foundation is a hugely detailed roadmap on all the employer branding content we would be creating and sharing on LinkedIn, Instagram and, of course, TikTok, for Kraft Heinz, alongside the processes which would bring the new content strategy to life. From their EVP as a base, to in-depth research of their talent focuses and what has worked for us so far, as well as the social media landscape, we created an always-on content engine, focussing on four objectives, including growing the 18-24 demographic.

Content pillars

Content series

Social strategy foundation

Serving up something fresh

For the last five years, Kraft Heinz has been one of our strongest employer branding partnerships. We have come on an incredible journey together all the way from launching their EVP to bringing it to life across various activations, including social media, which is the best place for shining a light on what life is like at a company. 

Using our expert knowledge on employer branding social media content, and industry insights, we already knew that TikTok was going to be one of the best places to bring Gen Z talent into Kraft Heinz via relatable, shareable and reactive content. 

With this in mind, in March 2023, we launched @HereAtKraftHeinz on TikTok, alongside a whole new social media strategy aimed at getting Gen Z excited about a career in the food industry.

The brand new strategy foundation included a content strategy, made up of five pillars and 10 TikTok-first content series, which we could use as a lens for creating always-on employer branding content on TikTok.

Alongside the content strategy, we also incorporated insights from our Paid Media Team to make sure our top-performing content was reaching Gen Z audiences, and the best quality candidate.

And the results showed after just five months from launching, with an audience growth of 4k, over 1.5m video views and our best performing content hitting over 3k engagements. 

But, were we successful in engaging Gen Z audiences? Yes, we were! Fast-forwarding to September 2023, we have grown our 18-24 engaged audience to 80% and our 18-24 reached audience to 60%.

Let’s make life delicious for the next generation of talent.

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