Photo of male student scanning a QR code on campusPhoto of a blonde woman with curly hair promoting Frasers Group on campusCrowd of male students craning their necks to looks for a winner. One student is filming on his iPhone.Image of female student after just winning a bike from Evans Cycles

Spinning and winning with Frasers Group

Spinning and winning with Frasers Group

Spinning and winning with Frasers Group

Spinning and winning with Frasers Group


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SportsDirect, Flannels, Jack Wills, Game. Heard of them? Yeah, we thought you might have. So have most people. However, students weren’t connecting these brands with Frasers Group. On top of that, students weren’t thinking of Frasers Group, an up-and-coming graduate employer looking for fearless talent to join their fast-track graduate scheme, as a viable career option. How can Frasers insert themselves into the conversation for a great grad scheme placement? Enter Wiser.

Photo of young student spinning a huge wheel full of prizes on campusPhoto of young student spinning a huge wheel full of prizes on campus


We needed to both cause a stir and educate students about Frasers Group, so we arrived at each university with a giant LED screen-sided van playing an animated video doing just that. We took advantage of our carefully selected, high-footfall campus location and set out to make the biggest splash we could with the Frasers Group brand.

Crowd of students watching someone win a large cash prize. A few students are filming the event on their iPhones

At a glance

#040404Frasers Group Black

Our wonderful Wiser team travelled to each campus, putting boots to the ground and spreading the news. We crafted an electric atmosphere with booming music and two giant spinning wheels covered in Frasers Group brands. Students would scan the QR code for a chance to win iconic and unforgettable prizes, including a PS5 and a new Evans bike.

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Drops of rain on the Wiser team

We knew practical giveaways were the way to go.

For a campaign in November, we decided you couldn’t get more practical (or visible) than umbrellas and beanies. We handed out 2,000 in total, ensuring the Frasers Group brand lived on beyond just our day on campus.

After drawing students in with freebies, we directed them to scan our QR codes where they could enter the competition for the big £5,000 cash prize
via our campaign microsite.

Our branded microsite immersed students in the competition and the Frasers Group brand. Entering took less than a minute. All students had to do was submit their name and university email address. All entrants then received an email with a six-letter code — their lottery ticket for a chance to spin the giant wheel at 3pm on campus.

A database of all entrants was created for retargeting about Frasers Group’s Elevation Programme. At the end of each day, our database generated one code and broadcasted it to the LED screen on campus. The owner of that code now had the opportunity all students were after. Hundreds of students gathered to see if they’d won the chance to ‘Spin to Win’ up to £5,000. 

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