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Where culture meets performance.

We believe that people will do their best work and thrive in life when they're in an environment that enables it. And that's what we've created at Wiser - the ideal balance between having a great culture where everyone can be real and back themselves and encouraging high performers who love to take ownership and make moves.


Purple People


Industry awards



We live by our values.

Our values guide what we stand for and how we act. We live and breathe them in everything we do, so if any of them resonate with you, you could be Wiser.

be real

Be yourself when everyone's watching, there’s no shame here.

take ownership

Take it, make it yours, and be proud of it.

back yourself

Believe in your own abilities – confidence is contagious.

make moves

Use your initiative and act with purpose for everyone’s gain.

expect more

Push your potential and inspire excellence in others.

A little something to sweeten the deal.

Happiness Team

We know you'll be at your best if you feel supported, so we've got a whole team dedicated to making sure it's there in every part of our lives at Wiser.

Happiness Team

Daily Breakfast

The early birds get the bagels, eggs, and smoothies... the late birds get Shreddies. And maybe a grape. But seriously, our kitchen is the best.

Daily Breakfast


We'll kit you out with everything you need to win, whether that be the latest tech or a neat swivel chair.


Wellness & Healthcare

Our insurance partner, Vitality, provide all the wonderful perks of a healthy mind, body and soul. Plus, we have five fantastic therapists on hand and will support you with three sessions a year.

Wellness & Healthcare

Sober Socials

They're all the rage these days. Plus, we'll go down in Crystal Maze performance history. If that's not a reason to join us, then we don't know what is.

Sober Socials

Puppy Policy

There's 'dog friendly' and then there's 'Wiser'. Quite frankly, we're obsessed with our furry friends and there's always one... or three... roaming around.

Puppy Policy

Festive Break

We're all on Santa's nice list and the founders are on ours - every December, Wiser closes for two weeks and we get to rest-up on Wiser time.

Festive Break

Performance Team

Every six months, the top ten performers at Wiser are rewarded with a performance bootcamp aimed to fast-track them towards their goals. Whether personal, professional, a promotion or a backflip, we've got it covered. Oh! And it ends in a mega trip all together somewhere beautiful.

Performance Team

Wiser exists because we couldn't find a working environment that made sense to us all. We wanted to build something that was more than just your everyday office, a place where work and life merge. Don't believe us? Come and see for yourself.

Meet our Purple People.

The team behind the brand changing an industry.

Fin O'Kane

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Buffone

Chief Creative Officer

Ari Ratnakumar

Chief Financial Officer

Jack Catherall

Managing Director

Anna O’Shea

Creative Operations Director

Amelia Birch

Early Talent Director

Alex Ayin

Marketing Director

Alex Mackenzie Smith

Head of Creative Operations

Alice Slade

Early Talent Consultant

Amy Harris

Early Talent Consultant

Andrew Henry


Andrew Sayward

Frontend Web Developer

Annabelle Owen

Social Media Manager

Anouska Doggett

Associate Consultant

Ashleigh McNicholas

Content Producer

Baylie Lovett

Paid Media Executive

Belle Dileto

Senior Creative Strategist

Bobbie Coyle

Client Strategy, Wiser Elite

Brad Crosbie

Account Director

Bryan Sarsoza

Midweight Designer

Carrie Gandemer

Employee Advocacy Lead

Chantal Osindero

Senior Project Manager

Craig Fergus

Social Media Manager

Craig Waterfield

Research Manager

Dan Haigh

Senior Designer

Dan Jacobs

Creative Project Manager

Darius Timmerman


David Shatzkes

Client Strategy

Denika Millington

Wiser Futures Manager

Dimitri Papazachariou


Ellen Murphy

Creative Strategist

Ellie Farnfield

Core Strategist

Ellie Meredith

People & Talent Executive

Elsa Tkue

Finance Lead

Erin Marks

Creative Operations Manager

George Bryant

Talent Lead

Georgia Hearn

Happiness Executive

Georgia Shirley

Research Manager

Georgia Winter-McQue

Team Lead

Glen Scott

Head of Social and Content

Hannah Charrington

Head of Research

Harri Walsh

Happiness & Wellbeing Lead

Harvey Kingdom

Early Talent Manager

Henry Bushell

Creative Strategist

Imo Wallersteiner

Creative Strategy Lead

Izzy Bishop

Head of Brand, Wiser Elite

Jackson Davis

Post-Production Lead

James Noble

Paid Media Lead

Jasmine Joshi

Events Manager

Jay Medwin-Smith


Jodie Voss

Attraction Lead

John Fedoruk


Jonathan Harris

Product Designer

Josh Clark

Account Lead

Josh Friend

Production Lead

Jowan Brown

Associate Consultant

Jung Han

Early Talent Consultant

Kate Hill

Principal Consultant

Katie Parshall

Account Director

Kitty Peel

Client Strategist

Kuda Tapatapa

Client Strategist

Lap Brooks


Lauren Lonsdale

Senior Project Manager

Lewis Gadsdon

Associate Director, Wiser Elite

Maddy Yates

Social Media Manager

Meg Ackroyd

Brand Lead

Megan Hollyman

Junior Researcher

Melissa McLaren

Senior Consultant

Michael Akinlade

Project Manager

Michael Griffiths

Finance Manager

Millie Catling

Senior Project Manager

Mikolaj Wawrzyniak

Head of Films

Molly Fitzpatrick

Account Director

Monika Lumb

Senior Creative Strategist

Natasha Pelxoto


Nikita Spice

Social Strategist

Oli Lee

Senior Product Designer

Oscar Sadler

Client Strategy Lead

Pete Stanley

Principal Consultant

Phoebe Hutton

Social Media Manager

Rakhi Minocha

Candidate Experience Associate

Rebecca Tan

Head of Early Talent Operations

Rhea Patel

Academy Consultant

Sadie Robb Porcel

Candidate Experience Associate

Samantha Trup

Senior Content Specialist

Sam Richards

Midweight Designer

Sarah Sessions

Product Lead

Sara Sánchez

Wiser Futures Associate

Saskia Cochrane

Head of Attraction

Seb Armstrong

Research Associate

Sebastian Munnik

Senior Film Producer

Sheldon Campbell

Programme Manager

Sophie Doyle

Senior Project Manager

Sorcha O'Connor

Candidate Experience Associate

Stephen Savage

Full Stack Developer

Tam Salih

Key Accounts Director

Tazz Dhami

Paid Media Manager

Tiggie Balfour

Project Manager

Vicky Cunningham

Creative Strategy Lead

Wahid Rashid

Associate Consultant

Wiz Warde-Aldam

Front-End Engineer