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Stop faking it: How authentic content will transform your social media strategy

4 mins  |  24.01.2024

In the oversaturated social media world packed full of tweets, advertisements, sports, memes, influencers, and absolutely anyone having the power to click ‘publish’ — who truly deserves our trust when it comes to online content?

With apps like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn having been around for decades, users are becoming increasingly aware of what is 'real' versus what is 'fake’, meaning authenticity is essential. 

Remember that old saying, ‘what you see, is what you get’? That's exactly the case when it comes to what people desire on social media. When people perceive that you're genuine and transparent, they are more inclined to interact with your content, embrace your message, and cultivate trust in your brand.

“By crafting no-bells-and-whistles content that leaves some details untouched, brands can radiate authenticity through their story.”

Boosting your employer brand

This is why User Generated Content (UGC) holds an insane amount of power in the current landscape. Assets crafted for brands by their most devoted enthusiasts—be it employees or consumers. Authenticity couldn't get any more pronounced than content that originates from those who genuinely adore your brand!

Consider the @LifeAtKing Instagram. We are always refining the extent of editing applied to our assets—minimising graphics, capturing photos on iPhones, and frequently curating content from the voices within King who have lived the genuine experience. This practice embodies authenticity, and it's imperative for all brands to harness UGC as a potent asset to their social media strategy. 

What's trending

Let’s talk about the popularity of TikTok, boasting over 600 million active users, the platform thrives on short-form, authentic videos that are effortlessly consumable by its audience. 

People yearn for glimpses "behind the scenes"—What did they devour? How did they reach there? Where did they get that? Satisfying this curiosity can be a game-changer, and brands can seize this opportunity by leveraging platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, designed for short-form videos. 

By crafting no-bells-and-whistles content that leaves some details untouched, brands can radiate authenticity through their story.

Now let’s talk: The Algorithm.

The little dude is working 24/7 to push your content to the people it thinks will love it the most. When contemplating the algorithm's role, it becomes evident that authenticity holds solid importance. When your content resonates as 'authentic', it amplifies the chances of reaching your desired audience. And when this occurs, your aim is to establish an immediate bond with this audience, forging connections through shared experiences, common interests, or evoked emotions.

In a world where authenticity is craved, harnessing the true representation of your brand can transform your social media presence. By embracing User Generated Content, capitalising on platforms that prioritise genuine short-form videos, and aligning with the algorithm's preferences, you're not just boosting your employer brand—you're fostering a community built on trust and relatability. 

Authenticity isn't just an option; it's the key to unlocking hearts, minds, and brand loyalty.

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