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The three steps you need to overcome the talent crisis

4 mins  |  30.10.2023

There are now more jobs than jobseekers. 

Let that sink in for a moment. 

For the first time since records began, employers are scrambling to find qualified employees to fill their open roles.

Graph that shows unemployment rates are much higher than the vacancies available to fill them.

What happened to all the talent? Some emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic needing a breath of fresh air. Others left work altogether — or went into work for themselves. But do these figures signal an economic boom? 

Far from it.

Since the pandemic, the segment of the workforce classified as ‘economically inactive’ has been growing. Levels of long-term sickness are rising. More people are simply saying, “I don’t want a job.” 

The world has changed, and the one thing we can be certain of: a great deal of uncertainty in the jobs market.

So, what does this mean?

In short: the jobs market has become a lot more competitive. 

But not for employees. 

For the first time, employers find themselves on this troublesome side of the fence. Great talent hunting for jobs are now a scarce resource. 

And they know it, too. They know their worth. They know what they want out of work. So, what happens to employers who can’t keep up with this changing dynamic? 

They hemorrhage talent. 

Their best people leave for roles in companies who can give them what they want: flexible hours, better pay, inclusive cultures. But, how can modern companies fight against this talent crisis? What can they do to not only retain, but attract the talent they want in this fiercely competitive market? 

We’re glad you asked…

The three steps to talent attraction

These three steps, followed skillfully and correctly, will attract the talent you want to reach. It has been proven time and again — yet the first step is often missed altogether. 

Let’s dig in: 

One: Understanding your people

Simply put, if you don’t understand your target audience, you won’t be reaching them. 

So, to reach them: you research. 

Take the pulse on how you stack up in the market. Learn where your target audience is active and what catches their interest. Understand what your own people love about working with you. 

It’s all about: why people should join you and why people should stay.

Missing this step is the single greatest reason many campaigns fail. Once you understand them, you can connect with them.

Two: Connecting to your talent

Understanding your talent means you can craft messages that will resonate with them. Job hunting is an emotional decision, so if you create messages that speak directly to your target audience, they’ll feel seen, heard and appreciated. 

It’s how you show you care. 

You know what gets them out of bed in the morning. You understand what they need and want from their employer — and you can offer it to them.

Three: Reaching your talent

But you can’t just throw your expertly crafted messages to the winds and hope they reach the right people. You need to go back to your research, find out where these people hang out and reach them there — and don’t be afraid to get creative. 

When Volkswagen wanted more mechanics, they put hidden messages under their cars — and it worked. Not only did they hire many skilled mechanics to their plants, they established themselves as daring, fun and ahead of the curve. 

With thorough research and a pinch of creativity, the possibilities are endless!

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The ultimate solution: your Employee Value Proposition

Believe it or not, there is a way to achieve these three steps and build yourself a powerful Employer Brand: creating an Employee Value Proposition (or EVP). 

An EVP captures what it feels like to work at your organisation. It’s a promise to both current and future talent that you understand them and value them. It answers the all-important question that all talent want answered:

“What’s in it for me?”

Starting with in-depth research, you’ll learn what people really think of you — and what they need to be attracted to you. 

Next comes creative activation, where the core elements of your new Employer Brand are devised and tested. Your Brand Narrative tells your story, your Pillars showcase your unique culture, and your Tagline brings it all together.

But how can you start building your new EVP? 

You talk to the experts. 

Wiser are Employer Brand specialists — venerable sages of the EVP. 

From beginning to end, we work with you to craft a distinct EVP to showcase your unique culture, craft messages that resonate and help you reach the talent you need — while reminding your current people what makes you special. 

If you want to win the talent crisis, it's time you got Wiser.

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