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Talent Attraction

From campus to careers: why graduate events will transform your attraction strategy

8 mins  |  31.10.2023

Introducing the Battle for Early Talent

We’re diving into a topic that’s hotter than a freshly brewed cup of coffee –  the war for early talent.

In this fast-paced world, attracting and retaining the best and brightest minds, and those that are the right fit for your company, is no easy feat.

But fear not, here, we’ll share some insider knowledge on how to ace events for successful early talent attraction and unveil some battle-tested strategies that will make your talent acquisition game stronger than ever.

The Early Talent Landscape: Setting the Stage

Picture this: a vast, competitive battlefield where companies of all sizes are vying for the attention of the crème de la crème of graduates. From top-tier universities to emerging talents, it's a crowded scene out there. The key to triumph lies in ignoring the ordinary – not just as an employer, but as an experience. Remember, you're not just offering a job; you're inviting them to join you on a journey.

Hosting unforgettable events allows early talent to experience your company culture, gain invaluable insights about your industry, and get a feel for you as an employer. That’s why your early talent events should have that je nais se quois, to grab the grads’ attention from the get-go. 

Strategy 1: Crafting Your Unique Talent Attraction Story

Your company's story, values, and ethos is your secret weapon. Think of it as your war cry, the rallying call that sets you apart from others in your industry. Listing job perks and benefits on event invites is outdated; tell the tale of your company's origins and its vision.

Paint a picture of the future early talent could have as a part of your team. After all, everyone wants to be a part of something greater.

Do this in a memorable way, for example, instead of listing values on a company card, why don’t you get tech savvy and make an instagram filter which looks different for every value? Your name would spread across social media increasing your exposure, and is a more sustainable, long-lasting way to deliver your messaging. A (good) photo remains in the camera roll and remembered forever, whereas a piece of paper gets lost amongst pocket debris and left stranded on the battlefield. 

Strategy 2: Showcasing Growth Opportunities

Early talent wants to know they're not just taking a job, but starting an adventure and following the yellow brick road. During your event, highlight the growth paths, career opportunities, mentorship and training programs, and skill-building opportunities you offer.

Think of it as their journey through the ranks of a noble guild, where they can level up their skills and expertise. Why should early talent choose you as an employer, what bespoke learning and development can your company offer?

This is the time to wave your flag and highlight all the amazing things you can provide, and allow them to get a taste of it at your event.

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Strategy 3: The Engagement Elixir

Retention is a treasure chest you don't want to leave unguarded. Engaging your early talent is crucial to ensure they stick around for the long haul.

Create an environment where they feel heard, appreciated, and valued. Encourage open conversations, feedback, and team collaborations during your event– it's like forging strong alliances within your ranks.

Events provide the perfect opportunity for early talent to get to know who you are and what you’re about. Step away from long presentations and step towards interactive communication, group activities, and competitions to grasp the attention of your audience.

Events let early talent dive into engaging activities that test their skills, challenge their creativity, and spark their enthusiasm. These experiences help them envision themselves contributing meaningfully to your organization. It’s also worth thinking about what your audience can take away from their experience with you. Options are limitless, it could be as simple as new knowledge, a little goodie bag with branded merchandise (because, we all love a freebie), pictures taken at the event (photo booths at events go down a treat), or a big-ticket prize winning - whatever it is, make sure it’s aligned with your company branding and that it makes the attendees feel a little special. 

In a world where job searches are mostly digital, events offer a refreshing change of pace and provide an immersive experience for early talent to connect with you.

Embrace Flexibility and Innovation

In the battlefield of modern work, flexibility and innovation are your most formidable allies.

Early talent craves dynamic environments that allow them to explore new ideas and experiment with their roles. Whether it's flexible work hours or creative projects, show them that you're not just about following the norms, but challenging them.

Does your company celebrate international days like Earth Day, Pride, Women’s Day? If yes, show them how! Ask some current employees to tell us about the experience from their perspective, this’ll give the early talent more touch points to your company and help forge those strong relationships. Is there an overarching theme that could be used for your events?

Does your company have any clubs or societies? Is your company’s office designed in any particular way that we can showcase? For example, if your company has a team sport society, your events can focus on the importance of collaboration and teamwork to achieve success. If your company has a yoga society, your events can highlight the importance of a work life balance and wellbeing.

If your company has multiple offices around the world, then theme your event around adventure and new opportunities. 

An event that stands out becomes a memory etched in the minds of early talent. They'll remember the conversations, the laughter, and sense of belonging. This memory can make your company a more attractive destination even after the event has ended.

And there you have it…  Armed with these strategies, you're ready to charge into the battleground and claim your share of early talent greatness. Remember, it's not just about hiring; it's about building a tribe of passionate individuals who believe in your mission. So, go forth and win the war for early talent.

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