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5 ways to successfully activate your EVP

2 mins  |  08.03.2024

Some of you may have stumbled onto this blog and are asking yourselves – what on earth is an EVP? An Employer Brand Proposition (EVP) is designed to encapsulate your brand’s culture, showcasing the reasons why potential talent should choose you as an employer. It is essential to talent acquisition – a top notch EVP will give you a real competitive advantage against your peers.

It’s your brand's heart and soul, the magnetic pull that attracts talent like bees to a bloomin' garden. But how do you get that buzz going? Here are five killer moves to activate your EVP and make your workplace the talk of the town. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Embed It in Your Culture

First things first, your EVP isn't just a poster by the coffee machine. It's the lifeblood of your organisation. To really kick things off, you've got to weave it into the very fabric of your culture. That means living and breathing your EVP from the top down. Actually embodying the values and promises in your EVP pays dividends when it comes to talent acquisition. People will come into your business to find that it isn’t all just talk; it's the real deal. 

2. Communicate It Creatively

Let's face it, that email titled ‘RE: Our new EVP’ is going to sit unopened in every inbox across your company. This is an activation, not a wake. It’s exciting stuff! So let’s think bigger than an email. To truly activate your EVP, you need to get creative. 

Think about ways in which you can tell the story of your EVP in the most engaging ways. Vibrant animations, award-winning videos, in-office activation events – everything really is on the table. (For help on this part, feel free to reach out to Wiser 😉).

Why is there such an importance for creativity here? You’ve got to remember your main goal here. An EVP activation is intended to spark conversations, not just within the office corridors but in the big wide world beyond. A simple email isn’t going to do that.

But by sharing success stories, diverse career options, an unbeatable culture; you are letting the world know what makes working at your company so special. 

3. Make It Tangible

An EVP shouldn’t be all talk and no trousers. Lofty promises need to be met. Your EVP has to be something people can see and feel. How is this achieved? By linking it to tangible benefits and real-world practices in your workplace. Do you have flexible working arrangements that scream "We value your work-life balance"? How about diverse career opportunities that say "We believe in your potential"? Do you offer remote working? What is your work environment really like? 

There’s no use in fabricating the truth because authenticity is the be all and end all of your EVP. You have to make sure that it is something current and potential employees can truly experience.

It's like promising someone the adventure of a lifetime; you've got to deliver the goods. When your team sees their values reflected in their day-to-day, that's when you know you've hit the jackpot.

4. Empower Your Advocates

Every workplace has its heroes – those folks who can't help themselves from singing your praises. These are your advocates, and their stories are gold dust. Equip them with the platform and the tools to share their real experiences. After all, there’s nothing more compelling than hearing directly from those living the dream. People trust people, and that’s the bottom line.

Encourage your team to share their stories on social media, in team meetings, or even at industry events. It's about creating a chorus of voices that collectively shout about what makes your company an extraordinary place to work.

5. Measure and Refine

Last but, by no means least, there’s never a watertight plan without a bit of savvy analysis. Measure the impact of your EVP activation strategies like a pro. Surveys, feedback sessions, social media engagement – keep your finger on the pulse. This isn’t about patting yourselves on the back; it’s about continuous improvement. Found something that resonates? Double down on it. Something’s not hitting the mark? Time to pivot.

Remember, activating your EVP is a journey, not a sprint. It's about making moves, taking ownership, and being ready to adapt. That's how you stay ahead of the game.

And there you have it – five dynamic ways to activate your EVP and turn your workplace into a beacon of awesomeness. At Wiser, we’re all about making those bold moves, ignoring the ordinary, and creating an environment where everyone is primed for success. If you’re looking for help to make your EVP activation really pop, let’s roll up our sleeves and make it happen. Welcome to the Wiser way of doing things. We know we can create something truly mega together.

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