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How brand ambassadors can revolutionise your talent strategy

3 mins  |  25.06.2024

In today's competitive landscape, companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to attract, engage, and retain top talent. One strategy gaining significant traction is tapping into the power of brand ambassadors. 

70% of customer brand perception is determined by experiences with people, highlighting the crucial role individuals play in shaping how a brand is perceived. By dedicating individuals who embody your brand values and are eager to promote your opportunities, you can significantly influence how your company is perceived by potential talent.

Challenges in acquisition can vary from talent shortages and retention difficulties to competitors and brand reputation - all of which ambassadors can directly tackle. These hand-picked individuals serve as both an online and in-person voice that boosts your representation, directly targets and seeks out candidates that meet your criteria, and guides candidates through the application process. By leveraging their influence and networks, brand ambassadors open the door to talent that may have otherwise been out of reach, serving as advocates, influencers, and reliable sources within their diverse networks. 

Harnessing the power of brand ambassadors can revolutionise a talent strategy by transforming your company's approach to talent acquisition. 

Enhanced Employer Branding:

Brand ambassadors are the living embodiment of your company's values and culture. Actively engaging with them allows companies to amplify their employer brand. When brand ambassadors share their positive experiences on social media, at networking events, or through word of mouth, they create a compelling narrative that attracts like-minded individuals. Potential candidates are more likely to trust messages conveyed by employees rather than traditional marketing efforts due to their authenticity and transparency, in contrast to traditional marketing efforts. In fact, according to LinkedIn, 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations over advertising. As a result, cultivating a strong network of brand ambassadors can significantly enhance your company's employer branding efforts.

Widening Talent Pool:

Leveraging brand ambassadors can significantly expand a company's talent pool, promoting diversity and inclusivity. With their varied backgrounds and skill sets, brand ambassadors possess the unique ability to reach potential candidates who might not have otherwise considered the company. Whether through alumni networks, industry associations, or community outreach programs, ambassadors can actively seek out talent from underrepresented groups, fostering a more inclusive workplace culture while also benefiting from a broader range of perspectives and experiences.

Improved Candidate Experience:

Brand ambassadors play a pivotal role in shaping the candidate experience by offering insights, guidance, and personalised support throughout the recruitment process, which resonates with candidates. Whether through hosting informational sessions, participating in recruitment events, or even offering one-on-one mentorship, ambassadors make companies more accessible whilst humanising the hiring process. Candidates feel valued and respected when they receive personalised attention from ambassadors, leading to a more positive experience overall.

In turn, brand ambassadors not only improve the company's reputation but also increase the likelihood of attracting top talent. When candidates feel valued and supported throughout the recruitment process, they are more likely to submit high-quality applications and become enthusiastic advocates for the company - whether they are hired or not. For instance, if your company receives thousands of applications per year and hires only 10, that leaves hundreds of candidates who will share their experience with others. Therefore, the candidate experience is crucial in shaping your company's reputation.

Boosting Employee Engagement and Retention:

Engaged employees are more likely to become enthusiastic brand ambassadors, creating a positive feedback loop that benefits both the company and its workforce. Empowering employees to become advocates for the brand can foster a sense of belonging and pride. Brand ambassadors feel a stronger connection to the company's mission and values, leading to increased job satisfaction, retention rates, and reducing the likelihood of candidates reneging on offers. 

Involving employees in external initiatives, such as speaking engagements, industry conferences, or community outreach programs, can further enhance their engagement and loyalty. These opportunities not only allow employees to showcase their expertise and skills but also demonstrate the company's investment in their personal and professional growth. As a result, they are more likely to remain committed to the organisation and contribute positively to its success.

Driving Business Growth:

Ultimately, the impact of brand ambassadors extends beyond talent acquisition and retention; it directly contributes to business growth by expanding the company's reach and influence. As ambassadors share their positive experiences with potential customers, partners, and stakeholders, they serve as trusted advisors, helping to build lasting relationships and drive sales. According to Statista, 40% of consumers say they've made a purchase based on user-generated content they saw on social media.

Through fostering a culture of advocacy and collaboration, companies can unlock innovation and creativity, fueling long-term success and giving them a competitive advantage in the market. Ambassadors serve as trusted advisors, helping build lasting relationships and boost customers while fostering a sense of ownership and pride in the company's success.

Brand ambassadors represent a powerful resource that can profoundly transform a company's talent strategy. By harnessing their influence, companies can strengthen their employer brand, widen their talent pool, enhance the candidate experience, boost employee engagement, and drive business growth. As companies navigate an increasingly dynamic and competitive landscape, investing in brand ambassadors is a strategic imperative and a fundamental driver of success in the digital age.

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