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Everything you need to know about engaging with the unknown: Gen-Z talent

4 mins  |  19.12.2023

In the digital age, community management has emerged as the beating heart of brand-consumer relationships. Gen-Z’s influence is undeniable, ushering in new dynamics for brands to master. Beyond the realm of your emoji-only responses, it’s the art of fostering genuine connections that resonate with the modern day audience.

With social competition fiercer than ever, brands can no longer afford to be forgettable. Think about who is currently killing it with social engagements - Ryanair clapbacks and Duolingo quips immediately spring to mind. As Gen-Z continues to assert its preferences, community managers step onto a stage that requires finesse, empathy, and adaptability - this is the era where taking a stand as your brand becomes synonymous with championing its identity.

Default to gender-neutral pronouns unless the profile states otherwise. This simple gesture makes your community feel acknowledged and respected for who they are.

Get ready to dive into strategies that'll make your brand comfy and authentic. We’re all about embracing change and weaving authenticity into your brand’s online presence!

Using Inclusive Emojis:

Inclusivity isn’t just a buzzword - it’s a core value. Unless explicitly stated by your brand guidelines or behaving as yourself for a client, stick to using the classic yellow emojis. Remaining neutral in this circumstance is a good thing, ensuring that no one feels excluded from your narrative. These tiny icons can speak volumes about your brand’s commitment to unity and respect.

Encourage Positive Conversations and Addressing Hate:

Picture your brand as a peacemaker for this one. Champion uplifting discussions that spread those gorgeous vibes among your community - and when negativity rears its head, embrace your inner Dalai Lama calmly. Standing up against negativity isn’t about confrontation; it’s showing your brand’s integrity and ensuring everyone feels safe and valued.

Remaining True and Consistent with Your Tone of Voice:

Your brand's TOV is your secret handshake with the community - it’s distinct and reliable. Staying true to it, and maintaining professionalism, builds trust. Share information like you’re talking to a friend, all while ensuring it’s a seamless fit with your brand’s personality.

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Using Neutral Pronouns:

Words matter. Inclusivity stretches further than emojis - it’s also about pronouns. Default to gender-neutral pronouns unless the profile states otherwise. This simple gesture makes your community feel acknowledged and respected for who they are.

Adhering to Brand Guidelines:

Imagine brand guidelines as your North Star. They’re there for a reason - to keep your brand’s identity consistent and strong. Following these guidelines isn’t about restrictions; it’s about ensuring your community recognises your brand in a crowded digital space.

Being Reactive to Modern Culture:

Stay in the loop, like your cooler bestie who knows all the latest trends. Being timely with references to pop culture and ongoing trends show your brand’s finger is on the pulse - for instance, you wouldn’t post about Barbenheimer in 2025. It’s like a nod that says, “Hey, we’re not just here; we’re here with you, living in the moment!”. It keeps your community engaged and excited to be part of the conversation.

The evolving landscape of community management in this ‘new’ world is a journey we’re excited to embark on. Here at Wiser, we believe in the power of authentic connections and embracing change. Gen-Z’s influence has redefined the game, demanding brands to step up their communication. Keeping your finger on the pulse of modern culture allows your social channels to build a community that is not just engaged, but truly valued and celebrated.

Fortunately, Wise Words does the heavy lifting for you.

We've developed an exclusive WhatsApp broadcast list that shares the latest trends and insights in the world of employer branding, social media and recruitment marketing. All you need to do for these tips direct to your DMs?

Welcome to the new era of genuine consumer-brand relationships.

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