Our award-winning social strategy rooted in playfulness: a deep dive

4 mins  |  09.04.2024

In today's bustling social media scene, sticking to the old-school ways of employer branding just doesn't make the grade, particularly for companies celebrated as exceptional places to work.

The competition on social isn't just limited to peers within the industry; it's a free-for-all with consumer brands, viral kitty shenanigans, your cousin's mate who's just announced their engagement, and that random individual you bumped into on a jaunt in Greece. With feeds packed, launching an employer brand on social media demands a strategy sharp enough to pierce through the noise.

In late 2022, King – the creative force behind Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga and Farm Heroes Saga – found itself at a fork in the road. Despite a reputable nod from Newsweek as a top employer, its social channels were mostly quiet.

That's when the call came through. Richard Gordon, King's Associate Director of Employer Brand, flagged that their social presence needed some work to mirror their stature as pioneers in the mobile gaming realm. No easy feat. But with the help of Kingsters (aka their people), unlocking the Kingdom doors (aka their offices) seemed like the best place to start. Handshakes were exchanged, and the stage was set for us to cook up something genuinely playful to complement their one-of-a-kind culture.

The mission kicked off with some serious groundwork. Through focus groups, persona analysis, and direct interactions, getting to grips with our audience and identifying our targets was top of the agenda. This legwork gave birth to a 12-month social media blueprint for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and X, revolving around three key objectives:

Give people the keys to the Kingdom:

A behind-the-scenes look at King’s offices around the world and a chance to see the creative spaces where magic is made.

Engage a community through real stories about Kingsters:

Sharing unique career journeys and showcasing the company values through people spotlights. 

Build playful employer brand content that leads people to a role at King:

Break boundaries with our content with the aim of building awareness of open roles at King, leading to the consideration of users.

Then we dove headfirst into content gathering! We set off to spotlight offices in London, Barcelona, and the award-winning space in Stockholm, highlighting areas that embody their unique culture – think the music room in London and the craft corner in Stockholm.

We made our rounds at events like KingfoMarket 2023, catching up with a host of Kingsters, including King’s president, Tjodolf Sommestad, who dished out tips for breaking into the mobile gaming industry. We chatted with parents about the support system at King, briefed Kingterns for 'Day in the Life of' content, and delved into the nitty-gritty with Game Designers about their roles and the thrill of working on a globally adored mobile game.

Over the year, we chatted with over 100 Kingsters, spanning across seven countries, and indulged in more than 30 hours playing Candy Crush Saga.

Navigating the dense social media jungle required a mix of creativity, insight, and an in-depth appreciation of what sets King's culture apart. By zeroing in on genuine stories, behind-the-scenes looks into the Kingdom, and the real-world experiences of the minds behind our favourite games, we've woven a narrative that strikes a chord.

The outcomes are nothing short of impressive. Doubling impressions and tripling engagements across social platforms is a hefty achievement. But more than the metrics, it's the thriving community that's gathered around King's brand that truly stands out. It's not merely about the numbers; it's about celebrating their culture that prides itself on creativity, innovation, and inclusivity.

Our venture with King serves a vital lesson for digital-age employer branding: authenticity is king. In a sphere where everyone's competing for eyeballs, real stories and genuine insights into company culture make all the difference. Being visible isn't enough; you've got to be memorable, relatable, and authentic to your core.

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