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Fidelity International offers investment solutions and retirement expertise to institutions, individuals, and their advisers around the world. Headquartered in London, but with over 7,000 employees around the world, Fidelity is a privately-owned firm that crafts, constructs, and creates value by balancing risk with reward. This long-term approach to value creation and building relationships makes them a leader in the finance industry.

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Fidelity International


Research, Early Careers Brand, Early Careers Recruitment, Campus Strategy



United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Continental Europe, Asia

End-to-end early careers transformation


Fidelity International partnered with Wiser in 2017 to transform its early careers brand, develop a strong and unified early careers value proposition, increase diversity in Investment roles, and raise the awareness of functional roles at Fidelity. Another priority area for our partnership has been a focus on showcasing the opportunities for women in finance at Fidelity in order to increase the number of female applications To research and develop Fidelity early careers value proposition (ECVP), we conducted industry research and 40 key stakeholder interviews with current graduates, apprentices, interns, hiring managers, and business leaders to understand what early talent thought of Fidelity and what opportunities there were to strengthen candidate touchpoints. Wiser designed, copywrote and built a distinct early careers website, with 30 pages of content, and a library of still images that showed off Fidelity's presence in central London and rural Kent. For the early careers video, Wiser took a cinematic approach, to reflect the legacy and heritage of the firm. Wiser’s filming team followed several Fidelity employees and the stories of three customers, showing how value is created within Fidelity. Following the launch of the new early careers brand, Fidelity received 19,300 applications for 48 positions, and the video was viewed 95,000 times. The project was met with positive acclaim from Fidelity's global operating committee and Wiser went on to interview then CEO Brian Conroy to add to the successful rebrand. Fidelity was nominated at the RADs for its early careers candidate experience and won a Gold Muse video production award for ‘Value’.

Establishing a more inclusive and human recruitment process


Wiser executed a recruitment strategy over a two year period that streamlined Fidelity’s early careers recruitment process - removing long essay questions and introducing video interviews to replace telephone interviews - and increased the number of candidate touchpoints. Pre-assessment centre Meet & Engage sessions for candidates and ‘keep warm’ emails with video content have resulted in a more seamless candidate experience and an improved offer to acceptance ratio. Fidelity has also run more gender-specific events with Wiser including Women Insight into Investment Management Breakfasts and targeted female marketing with the Female Leaders video series. Wiser also rolled out Fidelity’s new approach to interviewing with strength-based questioning and assessment and increased Fidelity’s presence on campus and at schools, attending 16 events with a bespoke branded stand and brochure.


Increase in female applications


RADS awards nomination


Increase in immediate offer acceptance YOY