Walk into any university library and ask students whether they’ve heard of Depop, and chances are they’ve either used, sold or browsed on the app in the past 24 hours. Due to its strong, well-known consumer brand, Depop has no problem attracting Gen Z talent. But in 2020 they were struggling to recruit and retain top talent, from different age demographics, for roles across the business. In came Wiser. In 2020, they approached us to create a film. And then in 2022, Depop came back for a wider look at their employer brand.

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Fashioning Depop's DNA


Their careers site needed a lift, and the reality of working for Depop wasn’t quite meeting talent expectations. Our first step was to unpick the reality of working at Depop with research and uncover their unique EVP. We delivered a full EVP and a new set of company-wide values, called the Depop DNA, backed by a blend of employee interviews, focus groups and a company-wide survey — capturing 71% of employee perspectives across the business. We also hosted a series of workshops with stakeholders from across the business and from both sides of the Atlantic to pressure-test the EVP narrative, as it needed to flex for talent in all of Depop’s locations. But most importantly, the DNA needed to resonate with Maria Raga, Depop’s CEO. So we worked with her to craft values which felt true to the fabric of Depop. Her direct sign-off meant we’d found the right fit.

Setting a new trend


The thread running through Depop’s EVP and new values was ‘circularity’. The story needed to be embedded in the company across all levels. So they held a company-wide ‘DNA launch’, supported by Wiser, followed by a month-long celebration, full of training workshops and activities. We also created a people-led video to launch the DNA. It combined our own footage with content shot by Depop-ers themselves, narrated by their people — bringing the values to life in their own words. This video currently sits on the front page of their shiny new global careers site, which we designed and built in line with the EVP.


Employee voices




Shiny new website