Always On.

Colt is a global technology and telecommunications company that's challenging the norms of their industry, giving their customers products and services that make them better connected.

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Colt Technology Services


Research, Employer Brand, Early Careers, Marketing



UK, India, Japan, Germany, France & Spain

Building an employer brand from the ground up.


Though the reach of their network is so expansive, Colt had no employer brand when we first met them in 2018. As a B2B business, neither did they have a consumer-facing brand that we could leverage to create the new careers visual identity, so we started from square one. Colt wanted to distance itself from the traditional image of telecomms companies and align themselves with the innovative, agile startups that surround its headquarters in Shoreditch. This was a key part of our strategy, along with the drive to appeal to a younger audience and unpack what it is that Colt actually does for a potential applicant. Our work with Colt spans from building an employer brand that can flex for its international markets to creating campaigns and content for internal communications as well as strengthening their campus presence and managing its early careers programme.

Connecting the people, purpose and challenger culture of Colt.


To encapsulate both the Colt culture and the extraordinary reliability of the Colt network, we built our creative work around the tagline ‘Always On’ to emphasise how Colt's people are engaged in the moment and passionate about both their work and their personal interests and hobbies. This phrase informed the entire suite of collateral and all recruitment messaging, from our dynamic, interactive website design to the interviewees that we featured in our video series.


Research interviews


Female hires


Increase in graduate applications in Y1